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we're all sinners …

and now is the time to confess. seriously, we're very excited to let you know, that our new studio album "favorite sin" is available now in the carolin no shop. almost 4 weeks before the offical release date, which is set for september 13, you can listen to audio samples and place your orders right here. we hope you'll enjoy listening to our new songs as much as we enjoyed creating them. caro & andi

Gezeichnetes Mikrophon


First sounds from the upcoming album

[Caro & Andi] For today‘s update from the recording studio, we put together a little audible mashup and we‘re really excited to share this with you. So if you want to listen to some of the new instruments we use, some basic tracks and song snippets from our new album, just click on the little headphones ...

Soundcloud taken from „#3”



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New Carolin No-Album !!!

[Caro & Andi] After lyric writing sessions last winter and composing new music earlier this year, we're delighted to announce, that we're going to release our third studio-album this fall! Right now, we're working on the new productions every day, having fun, trying things out, drinking too much coffee, recording new instruments ... and slowly but constantly more and more scetches turn into real songs. We also put together a first teaser, just click here to watch it on our youtube-channel.

To keep you updated about the album progress, we'll share some more videos and "making of"-pics in the near future. So, stay tuned! Caro & Andi


Caro küsst Andi


carolin no-shirts

[caro & andi] our carolin no-shirts are available in our online-shop again. we offer two different motives in two different colors, and: there is also a special shirt for women featuring our little cartoon character moni ultraschall ...

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Easter gifts!

[Caro & Andi] To celebrate easter and to welcome another year of spring, we have prepared two gifts for you: First, we're glad to be able to offer you a special discount price for our DVD/CD Loveland Live! Order the 2-disc-set directly from us, for only 19,90 euro (plus shipping). And second, you can download our song You and I, taken from the Loveland Live CD, for free! Just visit our audio-site and you'll find the download-button right next to the song title. Happy easter, Caro & Andi

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happy new year ... !?

[caro & andi] dear friends, this time we really missed wishing you "happy new year" and we're awfully sorry about that. in the meantime, ahem, it´s already march and it might be a little late for official new year greetings. but on the other hand we thought we all can use good wishes any time of the year, so: we hope you'll all have a great 2013.

after being on tour with joan armatrading last november and december and releasing andi´s second solo-piano album advent at the same time, we have slowed it down a little bit at the turn of the year. but that doesn´t mean we were idle. in early january, we made a guest appearance at the bavarian tv station "br 3" to play some songs in their news show "abendschau". click here to watch our live-performances of "ventura, ca" and "happy birthday".

we also tried to tie up a few loose ends, made some changes on our website, and added some new picture galleries. so, why don´t you swing by ...





[caro & andi] today andi´s second solo-piano album advent will be released exclusively in our own little online-shop. and since christmas is a time to give and to  receive, we put a second full-lenght album to the advent gift-box, so you can share the advent with a dear friend! learn more about our special edition and listen to audio samples right here.

Gezeichnetes Mikrophon


carolin no on tour with joan armatrading!

[caro & andi] yay! we were asked to go on tour with the legendary british singer/songwriter joan armatrading! we´ll be the supporting act for her "starlight"-tour concerts in germany and denmark. please check out the dates!

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"city lights" – new video online!

[caro & andi] we released a new video from our concert-dvd loveland live. in this one we're joined by some fantastic musicians and good friends: alex kilian on guitar, jan hees on drums and tilmann wehle on cello. and you can also get to know our cute little cartoon-character moni ultraschall, here you are: "city lights" ...

Caro küsst Andi



[caro & andi] our first dvd loveland live will be released on august 12, 2012, pre-ordering starts today! for detailed information about our new 2-disc-set click here. in addition to the official trailer, we've also released another full-length video from the dvd, click here to watch us performing our song "fading sun".


 [caro & andi] the official trailer for our upcoming live-dvd/cd package loveland live is now online. to give you a proper impression of what we did last summer, we put together a 7-minute-teaser, featuring 7 carolin no-songs! the loveland live-package contains a dvd with the full-lenth concert from the "hafensommer"-festival 2011, filmed in high definition with 15 cameras and a live cd with a collection of songs recorded between 2010 – 2012.  

loveland live will be released on august 12, 2012, pre-order starting on august 1, 2012.

25 years „umsonst und draussen“ festival!

[caro & andi] hanging out at the „umsonst & draussen“ has always been great, no matter if we came to perform or just to listen. we‘re very much looking forward to come back home to the 25th anniversary and hope to see you all on sunday 24th of june, from 21.30 to 22.30 at the „draussen-bühne“! caro & andi

tickets now available!
[Til, Reimkultur] the tickets for the dvd-release-concerts on august 13, 14, 15 and 16 are now on sale! you can order online via, or get them directly at the venue in wuerzburg: chambinzky, valentin-becker-strasse 2, 97072 wuerzburg, phone 0931-12802. the ticket price is 15 euro, plus 0,70 cent for shipping if you order online. please notice: from the 1st to 25th of july only online order is possible.

[Til, Reimkultur] win tickets for carolin no´s performance at the competition "jugend kulturell, förderpreis acoustic pop" in rostock, on june, 5th. just write an e-mail to! the winners will be picked on tuesday, 29th. no legal recourse is permitted. good luck!


[Til, Reimkultur] this august, the first carolin no live-dvd will be released! it´s a live-recording of the loveland-record-release-concert that took place on last year's „hafensommer festival“ in wuerzburg. the dvd comes with an additional live-cd containing unreleased live recordings. more detailed information is coming soon ...


dvd-release-concerts! [Til, Reimkultur] from august 13th to 16th, carolin no will perform at the chambinzky in wuerzburg. the tickets are not yet on sale, we´ll keep you briefed!

ahoy, again!

[Til, Reimkultur] on august 21th, carolin no will come to hamburg to perform their current album loveland live at the markthalle. also, this will be the official dvd-release-concert for the north of germany! so, please spread the word, we´re looking forward meeting you there! tickets have already gone on sale, just click here.

hey guys!

some of you might have heard it: we have a new management! the reimkultur musikverlag will help us with all the organizational work and our websites. from now on they will post news and answer your questions. in order to do that, they will always be in close contact with us, so that they can really „speak“ in our name. for us, this is an amazing step, because finally we´ll have more time for our music! we´re very happy with this progress! thanks, caro & andi


on june, 5th we´re coming to rostock! we´ve never been that far up north, so we´re very happy we got picked out of over 200 to attend the first round of the competition „jugend kulturell, förderpreis acoustic pop“. if you interested in the details or like to win or buy tickets to come and support us, click here!

new (s)letter design! yes indeed, from now on our newsletter comes in a brand new design including all our current tour dates, so there are no more excuses for missing a carolin no concert. how to get the newsletter? just register here
march 2012 was a great month for us, we had so much fun performing live. our own "stille post"-festival and the other concerts were sold out! see new live photos here.
ventura, ca. our new maxi-cd is now available in all download stores, and: all the big (and also the small) german radio stations definitely have access to our new single, so if you want to hear "ventura, ca" on the radio just write an email to your favourite radio station and ask for "ventura, ca" ...
ventura, ca.

our new maxi-cd „ventura, ca“ is now available at our online-shop. the official release date for itunes and all other download stores will be march, 9th 2012:


1. ventura, ca - radio edit

new version, featuring jesse grey siebenberg, recorded in berlin, bretten and ojai, california!

2. happy birthday

the original studio version previously unreleased on cd ...

3. bound to last

one of our personal favorite songs from our album „loveland“, featuring some electronic sounds ...

4. emming - live

emming is an instrumental track which first appeared on andi´s solo-cd „lieder“. we love to play it live at our „carolin no“ concerts and so this track is also a little preview for the next live album. the wonderful cello part was played by tilmann wehle.

5. ventura, ca

the original studio-version, taken from „loveland“ ...

click here to listen!
live march.

the 3rd „stille post“-festival at schoellnach is already sold out, but tickets for most upcoming concerts are still available! for detailed information please click here !



we wish you all the best for the new year!!! stay healthy and happy, keep listening to our music ... and come to visit our shows! click here to learn about our latest concerts.


we´re delighted to tell you that we´re going to release our next single-cd „ventura, ca“ in march! after „year of november“ this is going to be the second single release taken from our current album „loveland“. exclusively for this cd we produced a brand new version of „ventura,ca“. more detailed information is coming soon...

merry christmas.

ok, you´re right, way too soon, but we´ve already got some presents for you! just keep visiting our site in december, and maybe santa will bring you some beautiful musical gifts.


the tour dates with the a cappella group viva voce are online now. besides these dates you can find the first confirmed dates for 2012. just check out our „live“ site – we´re looking forward to seeing you!


you can watch our performance of „year of november“ now in the „zdf-mediathek“, just click here ...


on wednesday, november 16 we're invited to the zdf-morgenmagazin to perform our single "year of november". we´ll be on air around 8:20 am and 8:50 am. for us, this is definitely a little sensation!! so, get up, turn on your tv and support us:-))...

another change of plans.

for the rest of the year, we actually planned to work on some new ideas. but now we changed our plans, because we´ll accompany our friends, the great a cappella band "viva voce" on their christmas-tour as "special guests"! we´ll perform some of our original tunes and some songs together with basti, jörg, heiko, mate and david. you find the tourdates under "live", as well as on the boys´ website

we´re looking forward to seeing you in december!

concert photos.

thanks to everybody who visited our concerts this autumn! we had the most wonderful time playing and performing ...! we uploaded some new live photos to our facebook-site! just click here ...


our new maxi-cd "year of november" is now available in all major download stores.


1. year of november (single edit)
2. you and i
3. heart

4. fading sun (live)


also, these songs are available to every major radio station in germany. if you want more people to learn about us and our music, just send an e-mail with the request to play "year of november" to your favorite radio station.
year of november.

the first video from our upcoming dvd is online! thank you sven schütze and "reimkultur" publishing company, thank you helpers and friends! the dvd project wouldn´t have been possible without you! and here we go: „year of november“...